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Legend Caravans


Legend Caravans has a range of caravans available for all purposes. These caravans cater to all on and off-road needs. There are various sizes and specifications, and there is one that would most be suitable for your lifestyle.

Wild Native

This range of Legend Caravans is suitable for on and off-road travels, but majorly for on-road travels. It’s a touring caravan. This caravan is for you if you are looking to take a long road or camping trip alone, with friends or family. You can also navigate it on a bumpy road, but it functions fully on the good roads of Australia.


The Wild Native has a strong chassis built to protect you from harsh Australian climates and road conditions. The chassis, which is the bodywork of any vehicle, was built to absorb shock and insulation. It also utilises a strong and fuel-efficient aerodynamic front.


A picnic in the woods doesn’t seem like a bad idea anymore. You can choose to include a picnic in the woods in your camping trip itinerary, it promises to be fun. The Wild Native has a picnic table for this purpose. It also has double glazed windows and a quad lock door for privacy and safety. Each Wild Native caravan has solar panels and regulators that are strong enough to cater to all your electricity needs throughout your trip. There are also provisions for your safety in form of smoke detectors and fire extinguishers.


Everything you need for a comfortable life on the road or in the woods is at your disposal in a Wild Native caravan. You have access to a pillow-top mattress, queen-sized bed, and comfortable furniture, and some appliances that would make your stay luxurious and fulfilling.

Tycoon Slider

This caravan offers a unique slide-out feature you would just love. The slide-out was designed to create more space in your caravan, and prevent claustrophobia. It is an electrically operated one that makes more room for a bedroom and a lounge. It also has all the state-of-the-art appliances and furniture that would make your stay as fulfilling and luxurious as you have always dreamed of.


If you have a desire to explore Australia, then this caravan is perfect for you. You can navigate it on any road, good or bad. It was designed to tour off-road areas, and it has the strength and durability to carry out this function without breaking down. You get to satiate your desire to tour Australia and you can do this in style and comfort.

Kick Back

The Kick Back caravan range is another type of caravan that’s suitable for adventurers. If you have been meaning to explore deep into the woods, or even Australia, then you can do it with the style and comfort this spectacular caravan has to offer.


There are off-road and semi-off-road Trackline caravans that provide comfort and luxury at affordable prices.