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Optimum Caravans

Optimum caravans are extreme off-road caravans. When you want to take a road or camping trip to the depths of Australia, this is your go-to caravan. These caravans are designed to venture deep into the heart of Australia without getting damaged or damaging your car or property. If you are an adventurer, or you have suddenly developed a taste for a wild adventure, buy an Optimum caravan. They not only provide a means to satisfy your extreme off-road trips but also provide style and comfort at very affordable prices.


Our Australian climates can be quite harsh at times, and to enjoy your extreme off-road adventure, you need to make adequate preparations for this. You don’t want your adventure ruined because of a hailstorm or extremely cold or hot weather. The chassis of an Optimum caravan is built to maintain a balanced temperature- not too hot or too cold. It is also light enough to reduce the burden on your car while towing it, thereby saving fuel.


Going on a trip requires you to pack just enough luggage to meet your everyday needs. This means that you have to be mindful of what you pack to optimise space. With an Optimum caravan, you don’t have to worry about packing too much. There is a galvanised tunnel boot where you can store your extra personal belongings. There are also full rear and front alucomp panels, a generator hatch, and a high-profile stucco finish aluminum.


Optimum caravans exist to ensure that you travel in style and comfort. The interior part of your caravan is well-furnished with quality furniture and appliances. It is also beautiful and exudes a luxurious atmosphere. There’s a range of floor plans available for you to choose from. Each floor plan varies in size, and you can choose the one that would be most suitable for your needs. There are also options for single beds, double bunks, and triple bunks.

This is the perfect caravan for a road or camping trip with your family or friends, as there is more than enough space to comfortably house an average-sized family.


When taking any type of trip, your safety is the most important thing. In addition to the strong chassis, smoke detectors and fire extinguishers are available.

Contact us today at Histrionics RVs & Caravans and we will supply you with the most suitable caravan for your extreme off-road adventures. You deserve to satisfy your desire for this adventure while enjoying the comfort and style you deserve. We have brand new and second-hand Optimum caravans for sale.

You can choose to trade in your old caravan for a brand new or second-hand Optimum caravan. An appraisal will be carried out on the caravan you want to trade in, and we will update you on the extra price you have to pay for the upgrade of your choice. Whatever your caravan needs may be, we aim to fully satisfy them.