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Insurance is a legal way to secure your investments. You can get insurance for virtually anything, including your caravan. Getting insurance for your caravan should be a priority. A lot of people think the insurance for their vehicles extends to their caravan. This is largely untrue. You have to take deliberate steps to have your caravan insured.

Insurance is a legal agreement between you and your insurer. This agreement protects you from losses that could occur as a result of theft, damage or injuries, or deaths caused by your caravan. While towing your caravan, it can get unhinged and roll away. Caravans are usually heavy enough to cause substantial damage to people and property. To protect yourself from financial costs if this ever happens, get caravan insurance. Your insurance extends to both you and whoever is towing the caravan with your consent.

Insurance policies vary from one insurance broker to another. However, they have a couple of things in common.  Payment of a fee known as premium is one of them. Premium is the amount you pay to your broker at intervals to secure your property. Premium payment intervals vary among caravan insurance brokers. Once your premium is near expiration, you get a call or text from your broker reminding you that it’s time to pay. When your insurance plan expires, you can choose to renew it or not.

Taking a road or camping trip can expose you to dangers such as theft. Caravans are usually secure enough to protect you from external harm, however, they can still get stolen. Not less than 40,000 caravans get stolen yearly, and those are the reported cases. To secure your investment, you need to get caravan insurance. A stolen caravan will be replaced by your insurance company if you can prove that it was indeed stolen.

Caravan insurance is reserved for personal use only. Caravan insurance brokers are yet to provide packages that extend to Caravans used for commercial purposes. You can get insurance for your touring, static, or trailer tent caravan.

New for Old Cover

This is a term used by caravan insurance brokers. It is a package that offers you a new caravan if your previous insured caravan gets stolen or damaged. You have to be able to prove that there is no foul play for this to be effective. You also need to deal only with credible caravan insurance brokers that will not fail to deliver their end of the bargain.

Getting caravan insurance is not legally mandatory. But caravans don’t come cheap, and if you want to enjoy the financial sacrifice you made to buy one, you have to get insurance. You can get caravan insurance for a brand new or second-hand caravan.

At Histrionics RVs & Caravans, we have long-standing relationships with credible and reliable caravan insurance brokers who offer amazing packages to caravan lovers and owners. Contact us today and we will make recommendations that will be in your best interest.