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Concept Caravans

We can be quite skeptical about new brands. People are generally more trusting when they find out a brand or manufacturer has been in business for a long period. This is understandable because it most times means that they have had years of experience. That’s just enough time to give us only the best. This is, however, not always true. But with Concept Caravans, you can rest assured that you are getting only quality and luxury, the perfect package.

Concept Caravans has been in caravan production since 2004, that’s more than fifteen years of experience in producing the best caravans. The founders of Concept Caravans have more than seventy-five years of joint experience in the caravan industry. The brand was established by people who are passionate about traveling, and they would love to introduce that passion to other Australians. Your first road experience is important, as it determines if you would take more road or camping trips or not.

You need a Concept caravan because you want to enjoy the luxury of your personal space while exploring the amazing places in Australia. Concept Caravans has a range of caravans that are suitable for every purpose. Are you taking an off-road or on-road trip? You can do either or both, and still enjoy the luxury and comfort you deserve. There’s a size and specification for every budget and Histrionics RVs & Caravans will supply you with the perfect one at largely discounted prices.

Innovation Range

Concept Caravans ensures that every caravan lover has access to multiple choices when they want to buy a caravan. You have so many options at your disposal, and all are just as amazing as the others. The Innovation Range also has its range, with slight differences in size and specifications. Each Innovation Range Caravan delivers comfort, luxury, and safety and you never have to worry about it breaking down and leaving you stranded in the middle of nowhere.

Innovation XTS Range

Innovation XTS Range is another range of Concept Caravans that you can rely on. It has different sizes and specifications for anyone and everyone. This range has a strong chassis, which is something to look out for when you are buying a caravan. The chassis is what ensures the longevity and durability of your caravan. It is also aesthetically appealing on the inside and the outside. It is the perfect blend of luxury and durability.

Ascot Range

Would you love to take off-road trips without having to worry about your caravan breaking down? Then the Ascot Range is the perfect caravan for you. It is suitable for on-road trips. You are buying quality, luxury, and a multiple-purpose caravan that’s suitable for all types of road travels.

Ascot XTS Range

Like other Concept Caravans, this range provides safety, comfort, and luxury on your road or camping trips. The chassis is durable and you would get value for your money. This range also has different sizes and specifications.