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Sell Your Caravan

Have you been waiting for a caravan brand’s new release? Would you like an upgrade or even an entirely different brand? Would you like to change the specifications or size of your caravan? If your answer to any of these questions is yes, then you can decide to sell your caravan to us.

Sell your Caravans to Histrionics RVs& Caravans

At Histrionics RVs & Caravans, we buy your caravans from you at the price they are worth. We try our best to ensure that both parties involved in any deal are satisfied. We carry out an appraisal of your caravan to determine what it is worth, and we give you the full price for it. Independently finding a buyer for the caravan you want to sell can be quite tedious, so leave it to us to handle the process for you.

The process of buying off your caravan includes:


To avoid buying a stolen caravan, we require you to fill out some paperwork. This process can be carried out online or offline, at our office in Perth. You are required to present your proof of ownership. We ask a series of questions to determine if you have used your caravan well and if it is worth buying or not. We also need to know if you carried out regular maintenance services or not. If any parts of the caravan have been replaced, we need to know about the quality of the replaced parts.


After proof of ownership has been verified, you can have your caravan dropped off at our workshop or have it picked up. Our workshop is well equipped with state-of-the-art appliances and equipment that will help us carry out thorough tests on your caravan. Our technicians check the caravan for damages or potential damages, and we inform you if there are any.

Repair and Revamp Services

We recommend that when you want to sell your caravan if it requires any repair or revamp services, you hold off on it. Leave it to us to carry out all repairs and revamping, to cut back on costs. Having the services carried out at a regular maintenance workshop can be more financially draining than you can imagine.


When all the required processes have been completed, we carry out an appraisal of your caravan. This is how we determine the most suitable price for your caravan. We also include the cost of repair and revamping of any was carried out.

We Connect Buyers and Sellers

Choosing to independently sell your caravan can be made easier by contacting us. We offer a service where we link potential buyers and sellers of caravans together, stepping in only to help out with the paperwork or for other services if demanded.

We Offer Trade-in Services

We offer trade-in services for caravan owners who need an upgrade. This upgrade can be to a brand new or second-hand caravan. Terms and Conditions apply.