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Crusader Caravans

Crusader Caravans is a long-standing Australian caravan brand that prioritisescomfort, style, and durability. The caravans pass through at least seven rigorous testing processes because the brand is interested in providing only its best quality work for sale. Every part of the caravan is tested for safety, strength, luxury, and longevity. Crusader Caravans takes adequate steps to prevent the release of half-baked caravans into the market so you can be assured that whatever range of Crusader Caravans you are buying, you are buying only the best!

Why Crusader Caravans?

There are many reasons to trust Crusader Caravans with your road or camping trip needs. Apart from their affordable prices and wide range of caravans for all purposes, here are some reasons you need a Crusader caravan:

Strong Chassis

A strong chassis is essential for your caravan to provide value for your money. The chassis of Crusader Caravans are built with unique and exclusive materials, by the best engineers in Melbourne. The chassis has features specific only to Crusader Caravans. It is built to ensure durability and longevity. The chassis is also built with just enough weight to make towing your caravan easy for your vehicle, while also ensuring fuel efficiency.

Built to Last

Whether you are buying a brand new or second-hand caravan, you want a caravan that will be useful to you for a long time. Every Crusader Caravan in the market promises you longevity. These caravans are durable enough that even after you have used your caravan for some time, you can sell it for a substantial amount. Their durability gives them a high resale value, and if you want a worthy investment, a Crusader caravan is the way to go.


The manufacturing process of every Crusader caravan is a unique and thorough one. Each range of caravan undergoes adequate research and testing before multiple versions are created. The caravans have high ceilings that prevent claustrophobia, and composite walls and roofs. The composite roofs are designed to withstand hail and snowstorms. The electrical systems are grouped for ease of access. Everything ranging from the solar panels down to the fuse box can be found in a single place, for convenience.

The interior part of Crusader Caravans exudes luxury and taste. Every piece of furniture and appliance installed in each caravan is of excellent quality.


The Crusader Caravans brand has a feature that ensures your safety if your caravan gets unhooked and breaks away from your vehicle while you’re towing it. It’s known as the breakaway feature. This feature applies the brakes installed in your caravan for this purpose and prevents it from rolling further away. This feature is especially useful for you if you enjoy off-road tours, as the roads can be hilly and bumpy.

At Histrionics RVs & Caravans, we supply you with original Crusader Caravans at affordable prices.We have a range of Crusader Caravans just for you, whether you are buying a new or second-hand Crusader caravan.