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Viscount Caravans

Viscount Caravans has been serving Australians since the ’50s. The caravan brand is proudly Australian-owned, with the majority of materials used in the manufacturing process produced in Australia. The caravans are manufactured in state-of-the-art facilities, with one of the best equipment in the country. There is also a constant desire to implement the latest technology in newer models of caravans, and each new model competes heavily with previous ones. That way, you are assured that you are getting only the best caravans for your purposes.

Each caravan is a better modification than the last, and despite the wide range of Viscount Caravans available, each one is designed to stand the test of time while also providing you with quality. The caravans go through rigorous testing processes before they are deemed sale-worthy. This is to ensure that customers always remain satisfied with the products, irrespective of the time of manufacture or the range.


Why should you buy Viscount Caravans? Every Viscount caravan in the market has gone through at least one testing stage, carried out by the manufacturers before they are released for sale. Every material used in the production, internally or externally, down to the most insignificant part, is the best quality available. Viscount Caravans aims to give you value for your money and that is achieved through the quality you buy when you buy a caravan from the brand. You can be assured that whatever range of caravan you are buying, you will be using it for a long time.


Caravans are and should be expensive because they are made from a variety of materials built to endure wear and tear. The luxurious ones are well-furnished, with state-of-the-art furniture and gadgets. You would expect that a package as wholesome as this would come at a high price. Viscount Caravans has maximised durability and comfort while aiming to minimise what you pay. The caravans are sold at the most affordable prices for the quality and comfort you are getting.

Durability and Longevity

A caravan brand that has been in the caravan industry for so long would have a wealth of experience in delivering the most durable caravans. Years of practice and experience have helped the Viscount Caravans brand to perfect its method of manufacturing caravans. Hence, the only Viscount Caravans in the market are caravans that you would use for a very long time.


Stepping into a Viscount Caravan is like stepping into a five-star hotel. It is so tastefully furnished, your camping trip would be like staying in a hotel in the woods. After a long day of touring Australia, you deserve a comfortable and satisfying night rest and you have that when you buy a Viscount Caravan.


There’s a range of Viscount Caravans available to satisfy the various lifestyles of caravan lovers. There are caravans for families, friends, and even individuals. There are also specifications for on-road and off-road trips. The various caravan ranges are all pocket-friendly.